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Online Language Therapy for Children with Language Disorders or Delays
In-Person Language Therapy near Skokie 60076 & surrounding Illinois areas

Developmental Language Disabilities

Developmental Language Disorders (DLD) refer to language challenges that persist from childhood through adulthood.


Learning Disabilities are unexpected difficulties in learning that do not align with an individual's developmental level or learning abilities. One type of learning disability is language-based, which affects both oral and written language skills.


Individuals with Language-Based Learning Disabilities may struggle with expressing ideas, comprehending concepts, and using language for reasoning and problem-solving. These difficulties can also impact social and emotional functioning beyond academic settings.

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Symptoms of a Receptive Language Disorder

A receptive-language disorder is a condition that affects children's ability to comprehend and process language.  Children with this disorder may experience: 

  • Delays in language development compared to their peers

  • Challenges in following directions or understanding what has been said to them

  • Limited vocabulary

  • Difficulty understanding the meaning of words

  • Difficulty keeping up with verbally-presented material

Stephanie Jeret, speech therapy in Skokie, Illionois 60076

Symptoms of Expressive Language Disorders

An expressive-language disorder is a condition that affects children's ability to communicate effectively. Children with this disorder may encounter various challenges, such as:

  • difficulty constructing sentences

  • challenges finding the right words, often using general words to describe specific objects (example: using "thing" to describe a chair)

  • using past, present, and future tense incorrectly

  • having a limited vocabulary

  • omitting essential words like verbs and pronouns from sentences.

As a result of these challenges, their messages may appear disorganized and confusing to listeners. 

Stephanie Jeret, speech therapy in Evanston 60201

Symptoms of Mixed Receptive-Expressive Language Disorders

Individuals diagnosed with mixed receptive-expressive language disorders encounter difficulties in both their receptive and expressive language abilities.

Stephanie Jeret, speech therapy in Wilmette 60091

According to recent research by Hobson, H. M., and Lee, A. (2022), children with developmental language disorders (DLD) or language-based learning disabilities may often conceal or "camouflage" their disability.

This can manifest in behaviors such as imitating peers or siblings, avoiding tasks, using disruptive behaviors to evade tasks, nodding to feign comprehension, and relying on social skills. 

Speech Therapy for Children with Language-Learning Disabilities

Speech-language therapy is the most effective treatment for children with language disorders. These disorders can significantly impact a child's ability to communicate, learn, and form social connections. Therefore, it is crucial to seek therapy as soon as possible to prevent the gap between the child and their peers from widening. 


I can help improve your child's language skills. 

Speech Therapy for Children with Language Disabilities Near Skokie, Illinois

I offer in-home speech therapy for children with language disorders who live near Skokie, Wilmette, Evanston, and West Rogers Park. 


Online Speech Therapy for Children with Language Disabilities Throughout Illinois, New York, ad New Jersey

I offer online speech therapy services for children with language disabilities throughout Illinois, New York, and New Jersey.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

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