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Online Speech Therapy for Children Throughout Illinois, New York, and New Jersey

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We offer online speech therapy services to a children with articulation disorders, language disorders, executive function challenges, and fluency disorders  (such as stuttering) for children living throughout Illinois, New York, and New Jersey.  My approach involves collaborating with clients to establish personalized goals that align with their unique needs and aspirations.

How does online speech therapy work?

I offer secure and HIPAA-compliant online evaluations and therapy sessions for both children and adults.


Step 1: To get started, simply schedule a free consultation call where we can discuss your concerns and develop a personalized plan to meet your needs.


Step 2: Following this, we will conduct a thorough evaluation to create a customized speech therapy program tailored to your specific requirements.


Step 3: Together, we will work towards achieving your speech and language goals through 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions. I also provide clients and families with valuable feedback, resources, and handouts to confidently implement strategies at home.

Online speech therapy in Skokie Illinois.  Stuttering.

What are the benefits of online speech therapy/remote speech therapy?

What are the benefits of remote or online speech therapy intervention?

  • Flexibility in scheduling.  Online speech therapy can help you conveniently schedule sessions for your child when they are available.  

  • Consistency: With online therapy, your child can receive consistent and regular therapy sessions, regardless of external factors such as weather conditions or transportation issues. Consistency is key to achieving optimal outcomes in speech therapy.

  • Can be done from the comfort of your own home.  Online speech therapy is an excellent option for children with mobility issues or who live in rural areas with limited access to speech therapists.

  • Generalizing speech goals outside of the speech office.  Often speech therapists like to talk about generalization of speech therapy goals.  Children may achieve something in the therapy room, but then need to generalize this skill outside of therapy.  With online speech therapy, the opportunity to generalize skills in their own environment is easier because they will be in their own environment during the session.

  • It is easier for parents to get involved.  Oftentimes children receive speech therapy during school hours or directly after school.  Parents are often working or running errands at this time.  Online speech therapy is sometimes more convenient for you and your child.

  • Engaging Technology: Online platforms often utilize interactive games, videos, and other multimedia tools to engage children in therapy activities. These interactive elements can make therapy sessions more enjoyable and motivating for your child.

Does speech online speech therapy have the same benefits of in-person speech therapy for children?

Whether referred to as speech telehealth, telepractice, telemedicine, telerehabilitation, or simply online speech therapy, there have been numerous articles proving its effectiveness.  ​


Teletherapy is recognized by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association as well as other professional associations for mental health, allied health, and medical providers as an effective means for service delivery.  Below I have summarized some of the research comparing in-person and online speech therapy.

  • This study showed no significant difference between teletherapy and traditional in-person therapy for primary school aged children with challenges in speech and language.  

  • This study confirmed that the webcam Lidcombe Program intervention for stuttering is just as viable as the standard clinic Lidcombe program treatment.

  • This study confirms the efficacy of online speech therapy for speech sound disorders.​

  • This study confirm that stuttering telepractice evaluations may be comparable to in-person evaluations.

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